Ancient Times

The ancient kingdoms of Nasoma and Gruender were the first human Civilizations. Great kings ruled these lands, they grew vast and powerful.

Nasoma, was tempted by dark forces to seek out knowledge that was forbidden. The people were cursed and overrun with ghuolism.

Gruender, was besieged by monsters, its people abandoned their civilization and were reduced to nomadic barbarians.

The Vis Civilization, developed much of the early magic.

War of testiments

The Wizards of Revonparest

The Fennoan Civilization, developed early sailing vessels and vast floating vineyards.

Subversion of Liars

The Chigoron Civilization, were known for their exotic pets medicine and treetop villages.

The Lasting Dry Spell

The Yona Civilization, were known for their libraries, architecture.

The Quake of Bloodied Bones

Age of the Mages

War of Succession

Founding of the Regal kingdoms

Rise of the Cults

The Plague of Martyrs

Rise of the Temples

The Demigod Wars

The Monster incursions

The Sylvan Convergence

War of Underdark


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